Sports Apparel

Sports Apparel
In order to play like a team, you have to look like a team. At SavOn Sporting Goods, we provide players and coaches with sports apparel in Ogden, UT they need—from custom rugby uniforms and jerseys to team clothing and apparel accessories. Our sporting goods store also stocks a wide selection of footwear options, alongside some of the very best athletic brands on the market today.

Athletic Wear in Ogden, UT

No matter what sport you’re playing, you’ll need a uniform. From football jerseys to boys school trousers, uniforms, home or away colors, we stock a full variety of options for you to pick from. Our ability to personalize all types of team apparel makes us the go-to sporting goods store in Ogden, UT for private clubs, inter-mural organizations and even institutional sports teams. Just tell us what type of team sports equipment you need and we’ll get it personalized appropriately.


Cleats aren’t a one-size-fits-all piece of equipment. Football cleats are different from baseball spikes, for example. There are also numerous other variables to consider, such as cleat length, cleat placement, rise, material and more. Needless to say, it’s smart to get an expert’s opinion when buying cleats for your sport. We know the footwear rules of each sport and can help point you in the direction of footwear to help you succeed.

Other Apparel

Even if you’re not active out on the field, SavOn Sporting Goods can provide you with personalized apparel. From fan gear to embroidered lanyards, coaching equipment, hats and duffels, make us your first and only destination for personalized, branded apparel. We’ll help you rep your team in style.

Specialty Apparel

Need zebra stripes? Looking for team-specific track jackets? Want sports towels made up? Whatever type of specialty apparel you’re looking for, we’ll go above and beyond to bring it to you.

Stop into SavOn Sporting Goods today to see our extensive selection of sports apparel and to inquire about our customization services. We’re here to make sure you look good, both on the field and off of it. Contact us at 801-627-8151 with questions.